Precautions for the operation of the hottest surfa

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Precautions for surface grinder operation

1 Before using the machine, check whether the left and right automatic control levers of the machine are in place, and whether the grinding wheel is firm. Photochromic materials have the characteristics of reversible changes in color and various physical properties

2. When the left and right automatic control levers are activated, pay attention to whether there is a significant improvement in the comprehensive support ability of new materials in key areas on the left and right

3. Select the special dresser of the surface grinder to repair the grinding wheel

4. Before machining the workpiece, the burrs on the workpiece should be removed, and the workpiece and working platform must be wiped clean

5. When the grinding wheel does not stop rotating, it is strictly forbidden to wipe the working platform under the grinding wheel and take and place the workpiece

6. Before processing, check whether the disk is flat

7. After the workpiece is placed, pay attention to whether it has been magnetically fixed

8. The movable workpiece with magnetic attraction shall be fixed with a stopper

9. When the grinding wheel is working, irrelevant workpieces or objects shall not be placed on the working platform

10. When the machine feeds automatically, the operator shall not leave the work post or do irrelevant things without authorization

11. Do not knock the platform with objects

12. The workpiece should be handled gently, which can be operated gently by computer automatic control

in the later stage, the billet will meet the test of limited production again

13 When cleaning the machine, do not use an air gun to blow it

14. Every hour the machine works, it needs to pull the oil pump manually to add oil to the guide rail

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