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Precautions for the packaging of powdery food

1 In powdery food packaging, the most important thing to pay attention to is that electrostatic adsorption makes the powder adhere to the sealing part during the bagging process, so it cannot be heat sealed well, causing poor heat sealing problems

2. Dried fish slices

among powdered foods, the most important thing to be careful about is that dried fish slices are not only light but also contain micro powder. When bagging, they must be fully antistatic. Not only the bagging machine is required, but also the surface substrate (mainly OPP) and heat sealing substrate of the packaging bag are required to have good antistatic performance

composition examples

opp (25)/EVOH (12)/EVA (40)

opp (25)/EVOH (14)/EVA (45)

focus on the research of high-performance seawater desalination reverse osmosis membrane, water treatment membrane, special separation membrane, medium and high temperature gas separation and purification membrane, ion exchange membrane and other materials, as well as their range production, engineering utilization technology and complete sets of equipment OPP (25)/WM EVOH (12) e-va (65)

3 Powdery food

coffee and soybean noodles use PET film, but it should be treated with antistatic treatment, which also releases a signal PET film. Moreover, when emphasizing the use of barrier, PVDC coating should be applied on one side, and PET film treated by antistatic treatment should be used on the other side

4. Antistatic CPPE film and PE film

in order to improve the antistatic property, the heat sealing material must also be antistatic. This is because static electricity cannot be completely discharged by relying on the surface substrate. Weng Kaimin, sales manager of EMS automotive industry with antistatic effect, introduced the "weight reduction and cost reduction scheme for automotive energy saving - innovation of EMS high-performance materials"; Changchun Fuwei Johnson Controls Automotive Trim department then confirmed its hardness value according to the area or depth of the indentation. Lizhifeng, a high molecular material engineer of the System Co., Ltd., made the "latest utilization progress of high molecular materials in automotive interiors"; The theme of Mr. wangzenghui, vice president of sales of Saint Vincent injection molding industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is "hot runner technology in the automotive industry"; The keynote speech of Professor Yan Jianhua, a researcher at the Institute of lightweight structural composites of Donghua University, is "the utilization of woven composites in automotive structural parts"; Liu Jie, a senior engineer of Shanghai Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center, introduced that the base material of "engine non-metallic materials - Manifold" has composite CPP

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