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Operation precautions of static roller and vibratory roller

1. Static roller

static roller compacts materials with static pressure based on its own weight, including smooth roller and tire. Pay attention to the following matters in use

(1) in case of emergency braking, you must first step down the main clutch pedal to cut off the power, and then step down the brake pedal, otherwise it is easy to damage the brake. When releasing the brake, after entering the test interface, release the brake pedal first, and then release the main clutch pedal to resume driving

(2) for the roller with differential locking device, the device should be placed in the differential position during normal operation, so as to facilitate the rotation of the machine and avoid damage to the road surface; When the machine falls into a mud pit or there are large stones blocking the rear wheel slipping, the device can be placed in the locked position to help the machine overcome the rear wheel slipping and cross the obstacles

(3) stop the machine when changing gears before going uphill, and shift to low gear when going downhill

(4) sharp turns are strictly prohibited when driving at high speed

(5) when several rollers work together, the distance between them should be greater than 3m to avoid collision or difficult steering

(6) long distance driving and feeding should be avoided: in the forming conditions, when long-distance transfer is required, it should be carried by other vehicles

2. Vibratory roller

vibratory roller compacts materials by the combined action of static pressure and vibration force. There are towing, walking and self-propelled types. Pay attention to the following matters in use

(1) when changing the driving speed, you must first release the clutch or reverse clutch, and then pull the speed change handle to shift

(2) when changing the driving direction, first pull the reversing handle from the forward (backward) position to the middle position, and then pull the handle to the backward (forward) position after the machine stops stably. Do not pull it in place at one time to avoid damaging the parts due to sudden change of driving direction

(3) during operation and driving, if the reversing clutch or starting clutch is found to slip, stop the machine immediately, separate the main clutch, and check, adjust and troubleshoot the reversing clutch or starting clutch at the same time. The owner of a children's clothing store told him not to increase the throttle and try to drive reluctantly at high speed and high power, otherwise the clutch plate would be burned

(4) when compacting loose materials, vibration rolling shall be carried out after 1 ~ 2 times of static pressure

(5) the vibration starting or stopping of the roller should be carried out during operation to avoid damage to the road surface. It is strictly forbidden to start vibration on hard roads to avoid damage. With the extensive use of electric measurement and electronic control technology in the experimental machine, vibration devices or other parts are reduced

(6) high speed gear can be used for short-distance transfer on a flat road, but if the distance is far, it needs to be carried by other means of transportation

(7) when going uphill and downhill, you should change the low speed into gear in advance, and it is forbidden to go uphill and downhill at high speed

(8) during high-speed rolling operation, it is forbidden to start the vibration starting device

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