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National coating industry coating intermediate worker vocational qualification training

National coating industry coating intermediate worker vocational qualification training

December 10, 2007

[China coating information] approved by the competent department of the State Council, a "coating special type of work vocational skill appraisal station" has been established in the coating industry, It is to check whether the rotation direction of the mixing blade is in accordance with the national vocational skill standard, and whether the voltage is improving to the rated value and the qualification conditions, and to make an objective, fair, scientific and standardized evaluation and appraisal of the professional knowledge and skill level of workers. Our company is one of the training bases of the professional skill appraisal station of the unique types of work of China Paint Industry Association, and has the ability to undertake the vocational skill training and appraisal of intermediate workers in paint coating. The specific arrangement is hereby notified as follows:

1. Training object:

anyone who meets the conditions specified in Zhong Tu Xie (2007) Xie Zi No. 001 document can apply

2. Training content:

according to the national standard of coating applicator for professional skill appraisal in the coating industry and training materials, lectures and training, as well as practical operation guidance and assessment are carried out

3. Examination and certificate issuance:

after passing the theoretical examination and practical operation examination organized by the paint skill appraisal station, the students will be issued the vocational qualification certificate issued by the Ministry of labor and social security of the people's Republic of China. This certificate is the certificate of the skill level of the unique type of work in the coating industry. It is commonly used nationwide and uniformly numbered. It can be queried on the Internet. It is an effective legal and fair certificate for China's employment and labor export. It is one of the basis for qualification evaluation that practitioners in various certifications and recognition may also play an important role in magnetic resonance imaging, optical information storage, etc

4. Charging standard: 1000 yuan/person (including textbook fee, training fee, internship operation fee, identification fee, examination paper fee, evaluation fee, certificate fee, etc.), accommodation and meals are arranged uniformly, and the expenses are borne by oneself. Students should bring four two inch bareheaded photos and personal ID cards when they check in

5. Registration time: December 2007 January 2008

6. Place of training and actual operation: Zhejiang Feijing paint Co., Ltd. (Putuo Marine Industrial Park, Zhoushan City)

time of training registration: another

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