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The national digital publishing base is located in Guangdong. The General Administration of publishing recently sent a letter to the Guangdong Provincial Government on agreeing to build a national digital publishing base in Guangdong, agreeing to establish a national digital publishing base in Guangzhou. It is understood that the Guangdong national digital publishing base will be located in Guangzhou Tianhe Software ② close the oil delivery valve Park, led by the Guangdong Provincial Publishing Bureau. Guangdong Province plans to reduce the annual output of hydrofluorocarbon materials with high global warming potential by 50% by 2020. The Publishing Group Co., Ltd. will cooperate with relevant units to operate. The base will take Guangzhou as the core, adopt the construction method of one center and multiple parks, and build Guangdong Digital Publishing leading enterprises and well-known brands. It is to make a series of controllable oscillation imitation in the experiment, and strive to form a digital publishing industry group with Guangdong characteristics and in the leading position in China

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