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National Coatings need to improve technology to break the chaotic situation in the industry

with the continuous development of society, people's living standards and habits have begun to improve continuously. Director Wang: because the situation of China's automobile industry is relatively special, and now the health and low cost of the paper packaging market have expanded. Carbon, environmental protection and advocating nature have become their consumption factors. For coating products, consumers take these factors as the main consideration and trade-off points. Since domestic brands cannot keep up with foreign brands in this regard, 80% of consumers will choose foreign brands

domestic brands also need the support of all points as a backing

according to industry experts, domestic brands are not without strength, and their development also needs the support of all parties. And for a long time, China has been honored with the title of "major key parts of coatings are parts manufactured by well-known brand enterprises specializing in imported technology; as a result, this product series has a long-term and highly reliable reliability and accuracy country". According to the data, the production of coatings in China was 5.078 million tons in 2006, and reached 7.5544 million tons in 2009, ranking first in the world. Imported brands still occupy the high-end market, while local brands tend to be at the lower middle level. With the development of society, people's consumption concept has begun to tend to a rational direction, and foreign brands are no longer king. Local brands have begun to usher in the spring of development with high quality and high cost performance. A new round of reshuffle in the coating industry is about to be staged

the current paint and coating market is still in chaos

according to relevant data, China may be a country with an economic recovery as soon as possible, but after this round of global financial turmoil, the entire international economic environment is changing, and the current situation of the paint consumption market is worrying

first of all, the golden age of China's exports is likely to become history, which will inevitably lead to the crisis and transformation of China's low value-added, labor-intensive enterprises. At the same time, it is also the arrival of the era when Chinese consumers tighten their belts; Secondly, as the competition pattern of the domestic paint market is changing, under the crisis, the international brands that used to occupy the high-end market have also begun to march towards the middle and low end. The prospect is promising, but the paint market still faces many problems. Although China's paint production is very high and there are many markets, there is still a gap with the paint level of developed countries such as the United States. Our gap mainly comes from the uneven production scale and production enterprises. At present, the paint and coating market is still in chaos. In the battle between the weak and the strong, small enterprises and weak brands are scrambling, imitating the trend, and fighting price wars, so that they are trapped in the mud and cannot develop and grow

secondly, during the March 15 consumer rights day, it was exposed that many domestic brand coatings had quality problems. There is a layer of fear for consumers, and it is more difficult for the development of domestic brand coatings. And because most domestic enterprises are greedy for temporary benefits, they ignore the complex internal and external factors faced by the industry. How should the coating industry, especially the development of national brands, respond? Industry experts believe that the development of national coating brands needs to understand the shortcomings and advantages of national coating enterprises, and more funds and manpower can be invested to develop coating products with better performance and more advanced technology, so as to break the monopoly of foreign enterprises on the high-end coating market. To develop national paint brands well, we need to combine the imported foreign advanced technology with the domestic consumption situation to achieve high quality and preferential price. Practice has proved that this is also one of the strategies to break through

health is particularly important

with the promulgation of the "12th Five Year Plan", the national development policy is a good opportunity for the domestic paint industry. The development of domestic paint brands needs to see the trend of the industry and improve technology. After all, national paint brands will break the "obsequious" consumer market

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