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The national e-government cloud solution


the national public culture digital support platform basic software system is composed of a national central node and N local and municipal branch node basic software system through the 1+n cloud management deployment mode. The system construction requires unified operation and maintenance management, and the co construction and sharing of content. The scheme requires the following functions:

unified operation and maintenance management. Through the cloud platform operation and maintenance management system, the National Center can realize the unified maintenance and management of provincial centers

unified content management. Build a rich and diverse resource base, material base and directory base. Form a pattern of joint construction and sharing between the central and local governments, public cultural units and the public, and build a unified cloud directory of national digital resources

isv pain points

as Huawei's ISV partner in the project, ChinaSoft international has multiple difficulties in understanding and technology development according to Wikipedia, mainly manifested in:

high integration and difficult docking. The Ministry of culture uses a third-party application management system (Pingao) to connect with OC components in Huawei manage one to realize a comprehensive and unified operation and maintenance platform; It also supports the audit and storage of content, directory configuration, file retrieval, packaging and downloading, disk and other forms of business. The requirements for business types are complex and diverse, but it is difficult for China soft power to connect in key areas

the technical threshold is high and the development is difficult. Huawei OC components have multiple interfaces inside. This docking involves interfaces such as infrastructure and business applications. Developers need to spend a lot of time learning and understanding, which affects the efficiency of development and delivery

esdk solution

through in-depth technical analysis and research, esdk helps ISV solve difficulties and achieve project objectives by integrating business flows and providing easy integration components. The specific methods are as follows:

component integration to speed up ISV delivery: provide integrated resources and application management components through esdk, call them directly during ISV development, reduce interface learning time and secondary development volume, and complete rapid delivery

unified user operation interface: through esdk, make the cloud management system provincial operation and maintenance services appear in a unified interface, reduce the number of page jumps, have a friendly interface, and improve efficiency

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customer value

improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance management. Through the interface components provided by esdk, we can realize the unified monitoring, management and maintenance of the hardware resource utilization of each node, reduce the complexity of operation and maintenance, and improve the efficiency of system management. Ensure high-quality content. Through the unified user interface, customers can search the platform content in a unified way. (2) review fire-proof materials, strengthen the control of the content, and ensure the quality of the content

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