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Gree dongmingzhu: the second generation Gree doesn't compete with millet and apple

Dong Mingzhu said that Gree's second and third generation products are about to be launched, and Gree's second generation products will be world-class, and Gree will also produce high-end products of 5000 or 6000 yuan. "The second generation will not compete with Xiaomi, but Apple will compete in the future.". Recently, the million kilowatt nuclear power water-cooled centrifugal chiller (constant frequency) independently developed by Gree Electric Co., Ltd. was evaluated for its scientific and technological achievements in Zhuhai. The expert group has several sets of advanced/offline nondestructive testing imported equipment in Sandvik Zhenjiang factory, which is unanimously recognized as reaching the international advanced technical level

Dong Mingzhu, chairman and President of Gree Electric Appliance, said in an interview that this is the embodiment of Gree's higher level and ability in concept, R & D and design, manufacturing and production, quality control, etc. Nuclear power grade products can be made, and other products can't be made. According to her introduction, Gree has entered the field of high-end equipment and developed it as an industry other than home appliances. In the field that has attracted much attention from the outside world, the goal of gree in the future is not Xiaomi but apple

investment in developing high-end equipment is not capped

it is understood that nuclear power grade centrifugal units have extremely stringent safety and design requirements, and also need to meet a series of requirements such as earthquake resistance, low noise and vibration, and 60 years of use. Due to the high technical requirements, only a few foreign-funded enterprises have been able to provide nuclear power grade centrifuges for nuclear power plants for a long time. This breakthrough of Gree fills the gap of domestic central air-conditioning manufacturing enterprises in this field, and also means that the stability, reliability, service life and other aspects of domestic central air-conditioning products have achieved a qualitative leap

according to the document "made in China since 1035 2025" issued by the State Council, it is proposed that China's manufacturing industry will face five major reforms, including high-end equipment innovation. At present, some household appliance enterprises have begun to take robots, automation equipment and other high-end equipment as the second runway outside their main household appliance industry. Just a few days ago, Midea announced the establishment of two robot joint ventures with Yaskawa electric, a Japanese industrial robot giant, to produce, develop and sell service robots and industrial robots respectively

according to Dong Mingzhu, Gree has entered the field of automation equipment for two and a half years, and has established a special research institute and manufacturing company. At present, the entire R & D team has more than 2000 people, has achieved the R & D and manufacturing of more than 100 kinds of high-end automation equipment, has more than 20 design patents, and some equipment products have been widely used in Gree Zhuhai headquarters and production workshops of various bases. According to her plan, Three years later, Gree production will complete the automation transformation. At present, domestic demand is in short supply, and in the future, we will provide appropriate external supply. Our focus is not only to serve China, but also to serve the world in the future

Dong Mingzhu stressed that Gree takes high-end equipment as another industry to develop. As long as there is a need, this part of the investment is not capped. She said that the profit goal is not the current consideration. Just for profit, it may be biased and will not pay attention to technological breakthroughs. Instead, she is more likely to think of opportunism. Entering this field, she hopes to be the best. Now she is considering how to make technology the most advanced in the world

Gree will compete with apple in the future

Dong Mingzhu said that Gree's second and third generation products have been fast due to the "constant force value" "There are no quantitative indicators for the conditions to be released, and Gree's second-generation products will be world-class, and Gree will also produce high-end products of 5000 or 6000 yuan. The second-generation machine will not be compared with Xiaomi, and it will be apple that will compete in the future.

but Gree, which has been building momentum for more than half a year in recent years, has not yet entered the channel for sales. Dong Mingzhu explained that Gree's principle is that quality first, others will sell it, which is a consumable, but I I don't think so. Consumers can use it for a few years if they want to buy one. We should support consumers from the background in the future, and they can also be upgraded without changing. This is what I hope to do for consumers

the head of Gree's marketing department also introduced that what Gree needs to do is not only intelligence, but IOT. In the future, it needs to connect the four major systems of energy, air, water and security, with the functions of reporting, early warning and optimization. At present, Gree has achieved the control of single products and is achieving the linkage control of different household appliances. Consumers should be able to use a generation of high-end versions this year

in addition, Dong Mingzhu also revealed mysteriously that Gree has health functions, which is different from other places, so we can sell at that price, but she did not disclose specific information

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