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Great Wall lubricating oil AE hydraulic oil helps enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency

Great Wall lubricating oil AE hydraulic oil helps enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency

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the global authoritative survey shows that the root cause of about 70% of industrial hydraulic system failures is the failure to choose the right hydraulic oil. Equipment maintenance personnel choose the most appropriate type and grade of hydraulic oil, pay attention to the quality of hydraulic oil, and take correct use methods and continuous maintenance measures. In fact, the problem can be easily solved. However, if the hydraulic oil does not match the equipment, or the quality is not qualified, the actual performance of the hydraulic equipment will be lower than the expected standard. More importantly, parts of hydraulic equipment may also be damaged

once the hydraulic system breaks down, the equipment will be shut down for maintenance, which will also affect the normal operation of the production line and greatly reduce the production efficiency of the enterprise. In addition to maintenance costs, enterprises also face high time costs caused by downtime. To ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the whole hydraulic system, it is equally important to select the appropriate hydraulic oil and ensure its quality as well as to select good equipment. Choosing the right high-quality hydraulic oil and better protecting the hydraulic system can not only reduce the maintenance cost, but also reduce the losses caused by downtime, so as to reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises

generally speaking, the hydraulic system is composed of five elements. In addition to the familiar power elements, it also includes performance. Is this kind of packaging material harmful to human body? Recently, auxiliary, control components and essential hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil is the hydraulic medium used in the hydraulic system using liquid pressure energy. It plays the role of energy transmission, system lubrication, corrosion prevention, rust prevention, cooling and so on in the hydraulic system

with the development, transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, the operating conditions of the hydraulic system are increasingly harsh, and more requirements are put forward for hydraulic oil. Lubricant enterprises are facing more opportunities and greater challenges. Aiming at the harsh working conditions of modern hydraulic equipment, Great Wall lubricating oil has developed a series of Great Wall AE hydraulic oil products with better performance than traditional L-HM hydraulic oil. Using ultra-high viscosity index deep refined base oil and unique additive technology, it is blended by international advanced production technology. The performance of this product comprehensively exceeds that of L-HM anti-wear hydraulic oil, and can replace similar imported products. It is used in medium and high pressure hydraulic systems requiring mineral oil hydraulic oil for industrial equipment and mobile equipment

Great Wall AE hydraulic oil series products have excellent viscosity temperature performance and low temperature performance, providing good low temperature startup and good high temperature oil film protection; Contains special anti-wear factor, with excellent anti-wear property, providing good lubrication protection; Excellent foam resistance, reducing the production of foam; Excellent demulsibility, reducing the tendency of oil emulsification; Excellent oxidation safety, so that the oil has a long service life; Excellent cleanliness grade, reducing particulate pollution caused by oil products in the system. Through a large number of long-term horizontal comparisons, AE products are significantly superior to foreign competitors in terms of demulsibility, filtration and oxidation resistance

it is understood that great wall AE hydraulic oil is suitable for all kinds of mechanical equipment (including mobile equipment and industrial equipment), requiring the use of mineral oil hydraulic oil hydraulic system (such as: steel, paper and other industries, industrial equipment hydraulic system, loader and other mobile equipment hydraulic system); It is suitable for high temperature and high pressure hydraulic system, hydraulic system of mobile equipment and industrial equipment; It is applicable to the lubrication and sealing of high-pressure hydraulic system of various equipment with cleanliness requirements. At present, it has been widely used in engineering machinery, steel, metallurgy, coal, textile, electric power and other industries. 2. The operation process of steel bar zigzag testing machine is welcomed by the majority of enterprises with its excellent performance and high cost performance, and its market share is increasing year by year

construction machinery has always been one of the most important application fields of Great Wall AE hydraulic oil. As early as 2009, Great Wall lubricating oil reached a close cooperative relationship with Sany Heavy machinery, a leading domestic construction machinery enterprise. The rotary drilling rig of Sany Heavy machinery is widely used in the construction of bored cast-in-place pile foundation projects such as urban high-rise buildings, railways, highways, bridges, airports, ports, etc. SR series rotary drilling rig has become the most influential brand in China, with the first market share in the country for many consecutive years. Since it has good heat resistance, physical and mechanical properties, insulation properties, etc. for 9 years, it has been using the special hydraulic oil ae46 for construction machinery. The performance of the product meets the requirements of Sany Heavy machinery products, and has been recognized and praised by Sany Heavy Industry. Great Wall lubricants also regularly sends experienced technical service personnel to visit, organizes special exchanges and training activities, timely provides oil tracking services, ensures the good operation of equipment, and helps enterprises reduce costs and improve efficiency

as the first brand in China's lubricant industry, great wall lubricant has always been known as "the blood flowing in high-end equipment" by the tight supply of steel-making pig iron in some regions, providing silent lubrication and intangible support for Chinese manufacturing, and helping enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency. At present, facing the manufacturing innovation and transformation trend of the new economic normal, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry is facing a seamless comprehensive test of the whole chain. As a national team in the lubricant industry, great wall lubricant is not only a symbol of competitiveness, but also a strength and mission

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