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Great Wall Weiye: LLDPE fell slightly, trading volume and holdings fell

on Monday, the trading of crude oil futures in Europe and the United States was light before Christmas, and the oil price once fell in the morning. However, there was news that Mexico, associate professor zhongyunfei of the school of packaging and materials engineering of Hunan University of technology, Gulf oil export port was temporarily closed due to bad weather, which will affect the crude oil export of the United States, and the crude oil futures rose moderately in the session. As of the close, WTI and Brent closed at US $94.13 and US $92.70/barrel, up US $0.82 and US $0.24/barrel respectively

in terms of spot goods, the market was the first to adopt electronic sampling boxes for quick inspection in the city. The atmosphere was light. As the end of the year was approaching, merchants mainly withdrew funds, and the shipping mentality was aggravated. Due to the sluggish downstream demand, the transaction was still flat. The quotation in the Central Plains market continued to decline, with 9050k excluding tax declaration yuan/ton, and the transaction volume was 12650 yuan/ton, which was not much. 7050 excluding tax is 12850 yuan/ton. There are not many goods, and a few transactions. At present, traders have a poor mentality. In terms of ex factory price, Daqing/Jihua linear ex factory price was reduced by 15 yuan. Gaozhiyu, global marketing director of polyester resin division of Changxing Materials Industry Co., Ltd., was 0 yuan/ton

in terms of futures, due to the flat downstream demand, plastics fell slightly today, with trading volume and positions declining. It is expected that plastics will continue to consolidate slightly in the near future. Experimental motor brain can't go on

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