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Great Wall Weiye: LLDPE is in an upward trend. The crude oil futures that can be held in multiple orders soared sharply on Thursday, and the settlement price rose above the historical high of $102 per barrel, boosted by the fall of the US dollar to a new low. The settlement price of light and low sulfur crude oil futures for April delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) rose $2.95 to $102.59 a barrel, or 3%, much higher than the previous record high of $100.88 a barrel of the same end plastic bellows he pointed out. In electronic trading, the futures contract continued to rise, with the latest report of $102.97 per barrel. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures contract on the Intercontinental Exchange in London (ice) in April rose by $2.63 to 100.90 per barrel. The US China automobile center has led the establishment of a "joint research on in car VOCs simulation" research group, including many automotive enterprises in the industry, in April 2015, and its utilization scope is also expanding rapidly to a record high

affected by the rumored price rise of petrochemicals, the ex factory price of plastics has increased one after another. Qilu Petrochemical LLDPE unit produces 7042; Today's ex factory price: 7042 rose 100 to 13350 yuan/ton, qllp01 rose 100 to 13350 yuan/ton, 7042 powder rose 150 to 13250 yuan/ton. Zhongyuan Petrochemical LLDPE unit produces 7050, and today's price rises by 100 yuan/ton: 9505k to 13400 yuan/ton, 9088 rises by 100 to 13350 yuan/ton, and 7050 rises by 100 to 13350 yuan/ton

the overall trend of China Plastics warehouse receipts is still in the upward trend, jumping high, and the intraday index fell slightly after a straight line rise in the early stage. Then the trend stabilized and fluctuated slightly. By the close, the LLDPE index closed at 1478.88 points, up 7.52 points from the previous trading day

crude oil hit a record high, and the ex factory price of plastics rose. The recent good news has obvious support for plastics. Although it rose and fell today, the rising momentum is difficult to change. The opening price of the main contract 0805 was 1965, the highest was 19760, the lowest was 19515, the closing price was 19540, the position was increased by 324 hands, and the trading volume was reduced by 3974 hands. It is expected that plastics will continue to rise due to the impact of petrochemical price hikes and high factors such as crude oil innovation, and can be held in multiple orders

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