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Great Wall lubricating oil robot lubrication technology has made new breakthroughs, helping China's high-end manufacturing industry

Great Wall lubricating oil robot lubrication technology has made new breakthroughs, helping China's high-end manufacturing industry

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robot is known as the Pearl at the top of the crown of manufacturing industry. The leading manufacturing countries in the world have realized that only by mastering robot technology can they seize the commanding height of high-end intelligent manufacturing

in recent years, China has also issued a series of top-level designs for robot development, such as the guiding opinions on promoting the development of robot industry and the robot industry development plan (year)

with the support of policies, China's robot industry has developed rapidly, with the market scale ranking first in the world, and the market share of domestic brands is about 30%. While affirming the achievements, we should also be soberly aware that there is still a big gap between China's robot industry and the international advanced level in many key links such as core parts

revitalizing the robot industry and promoting the upgrading and rise of manufacturing in China is not only a matter of shutting down the power department in the robot industry, but also a major event in the whole industrial chain and even the whole Chinese manufacturing industry. Fortunately, a number of Chinese enterprises are striving to build their own intelligent equipment industry. From reducer, servo motor, controller, body to various auxiliary materials, China has initially formed a complete intelligent equipment industry chain. As a leading lubricant enterprise in China, great wall lubricant has provided Chinese solutions for robot lubrication materials relying on its aerospace technology

industrial robots, whose work itself is delicate and complex, have high requirements for the quality of lubricating oil. The reducer is one of the core components of the robot. Every joint of the robot needs a reducer to support every action. Ensuring the smooth operation of the reducer is the key to the normal work of the robot. And lubricating oil or grease is just like joint fluid to protect human joints, ensuring the smooth operation of the reducer

through exploration, Great Wall lubricating oil has produced all kinds of oil and grease products required by industrial robots. Taking the special oil for industrial robot reducer Sinopec ro150 as an example, the common robot lubricating oil can only provide effective lubrication for more than 5000 hours, while the design life of great wall products has reached 10000 hours. This oil has been applied to many enterprises with good results. The company also cooperates with many well-known robot manufacturers at home and abroad. In April last year, the lubricating oil and grease of great wall robot were fully recognized by Xinsong robot company, the leader of the domestic robot industry

thanks to the dual friction modifier collaborative technology independently developed by Great Wall lubricating oil, the friction coefficient of Great Wall lubricating oil can maintain the normal protection of the hydraulic universal testing machine for a long time. The following problems should be paid attention to: timely clearing concrete samples, iron filings and other parts, reducing the fretting wear of gears, and extending the service life of oil products. In addition, great wall lubricant has overcome the problem of joint oil leakage that often occurs in the work of industrial robots, and the problem of seal corrosion has also been solved. While extending the oil change cycle, it also avoids the shutdown and maintenance caused by oil leakage

it is worth mentioning that in terms of lubricating grease, Great Wall lubricating oil creatively improved and optimized the special grease for aerospace harmonic reducer, developed the special grease for robot harmonic reducer, and realized the civil application of Aerospace Science and technology. In particular, it solves the problem of additive compatibility of lubricating grease, finds a balance point for the fluidity and bearing capacity of lubricating grease, and at the same time, relying on the leading process technology, homogenizes the product to ensure the stability of lubrication effect. Some experts said that worldwide, there are only a few enterprises that can provide both lubricating oil and grease for robots

at the beginning of 2015, the Great Wall lubricating oil team did not have mature products in China for a long time and the technical indicators of reducer were not open. We visited dozens of well-known robot manufacturers and end users at home and abroad to investigate the working conditions and understand the needs of the industry. Even the experimental curve can provide a general outline of the research and development of robot supporting lubricants. Through unremitting efforts and exploration, the quality of lubricating oil and grease of great wall robot has reached the world leading level

in the future, the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry needs more intelligent manufacturing equipment and high-quality lubricants. Great Wall lubricants is committed to making more robots use Chinese lubricants and helping China's intelligent manufacturing industry take off

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