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Analysis of five trends of global e-commerce development in 2013

2012 was a relatively difficult year for physical stores. In contrast, the shopping market continued to grow. Online shopping is gradually maturing, from price competition to a richer brand shopping experience. Therefore, as we enter 2013, stimulating customers' shopping experience and loyalty is the key to store owners. Here we share five trends of global e-commerce development in 2013:

1 Generate brand loyalty through personal contact

online shopping should not be a cold vending machine experience. Whether it is a physical or online retailer, the secret of success depends on establishing contact with customers, attracting them to visit again, and being willing to recommend them to friends. Making good use of social platform interaction can not only make the store owners have close contact and dialogue with fans, but also further contact with fans' friends. The most important thing is not the number of fans, but the evaluation and loyalty of fans

2. The importance of social network curator

it is a habit of many consumers to ask relatives and friends for opinions before buying goods, but now consumers can not only ask for the opinions of a friend, but also include the whole social network. Many social networking services, such as pinterest, are rapidly becoming popular social media tools, allowing users to add their favorite products to collections and share them with friends. We have observed that in 2013, more shopping guides will continue to appear on social networking sites, and become shopping guides that affect their shopping behavior through expressing their personal taste and value. As early as 2010, Lotte took the lead in playing the role of shopping guide and became the first e-commerce platform in Taiwan to be put into community operation. It shares and interacts with fans through Facebook. So far, it has accumulated more than 300000 fans. The flow of social network media into Lotte shopping platform has increased significantly, with a growth of 75% in 2012. After personally experimenting with the powerful power of social network shopping guide, we also encourage and coach stores to become the wrong person to use the fixture for social network shopping guide experiment, and operate their own social network, so that shopping is more like the display of taste

3. The emergence of diversified cash flow tools

paypal and Apple's iTunes services have already begun to focus on the development of payment methods on mobile platforms. NFC and other non-contact payment methods will also become incentives to enhance consumers' shopping. For example, edy e-wallet, which is very popular in Japan, also supports NFC. The next development will be a virtual payment system service similar to square. Lotte also recently launched SmartPay service in Japan, so that small businesses can use credit cards through smart card swiping or manual input on SmartPay devices. In the next few years, setting up online payment methods like this will be a key focus

4. Make good use of images and films

in the past, the reason why the film was not included in the e-commerce station was the browsing speed. With the increase of the global speed, the broadband network speed of stores will no longer be limited, so that they can freely enrich the media content of the station and provide consumers with three-dimensional and real product information, and the speed of CPLD is very fast. We expect that a large number of films will be used by online stores and will become the sales trend of e-commerce in 2013

5. Through the virtual and real integration of mobile devices

mobile devices are in power, but mobile devices can provide more than online shopping functions. In the next year, we expect more applications of virtual and real integration in stores, including app, QR code, augmented reality, or NFC technology and apple passbook that can replace credit cards, tickets and discount tickets. Lotte's RIT Institute also continues to develop similar applications, such as ar-hitoke, By expanding the reality, consumers can know the online evaluation of goods on the physical shelf, gender/age statistics of buyers and other information, so as to facilitate consumers to make decisions

whether physical or virtual stores, customers are always the key to success. Social and communication platforms provide stores with more opportunities to contact customers' more private fields, and the operating procedures of mortar tensile testing machine can be closer to the needs of consumers. Looking forward to 2013, stores need to build customers' confidence in the brand on social and mobile platforms, attract consumers through a perfect online shopping experience, customized promotion schemes, safe payment mechanisms and reasonable prices, and ensure the shopping experience of shopping is entertainment

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