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Great Wall Weiye: fuel oil rose by the limit across the board, and NYMEX crude oil futures recorded the largest one-day increase in history

Shanghai fuel oil

Shanghai fuel oil rose by the limit across the board on Monday due to the rise of international crude oil over the weekend. The main contract 812 opened with a high jump, and then fluctuated in a narrow range. The intraday low was 4103 points, and the tail market rose sharply to the limit of 4189 yuan/ton; Intraday trading volume decreased significantly and positions decreased slightly

Huangpu clamping is more important; The market reaction lags behind. The trend has been stable for several days, and there has been no sharp decline. With the rise of crude oil, Huangpu fuel stopped falling and stabilized on Monday. However, importers said that the current wait-and-see atmosphere in the market is serious, and the overall demand is low. It is impossible to follow the rapid rebound of crude oil, and it will remain at the current price in the near future to wait for the opportunity. In terms of demand, continuous typhoons have made the weather in Guangdong cooler than in previous years, and the amount of oil used for power generation is relatively small. In addition, the oil price has been high, so power plant users basically buy as they use, and basically only keep the inventory for one week

international crude oil

international crude oil futures continued the rapid rise of last week, and rose sharply on Monday. Nymex10 crude oil futures hit the largest one-day increase in history, closing at $120.92/barrel. In November, the main contract also rose to 109.3. Fixtures are a combination of these structures. The structures of these fixtures have their own advantages and disadvantages of $7/barrel; Brent rose 6.46% in November

the recovery of refinery demand for crude oil and the weakness of the US dollar were the main reasons for the surge in oil prices on Monday. Refineries that stopped production due to the hurricane in the early stage are gradually resuming production, which will increase the demand for crude oil. The U.S. dollar fell sharply across the board on Monday, hitting a several week low against the euro and sterling, as the U.S. government's $700billion bailout plan to alleviate the credit crisis 30 minutes after the test piece was formed increased market concerns about the country's huge fiscal deficit

it was also reported that Saudi Arabia, OPEC's largest oil producer, was cutting oil exports to some of the world's largest refiner customers, and the report also stimulated crude oil buying


the linkage between crude oil and the US dollar is becoming closer and closer, and the financial attribute of crude oil is also increasing. Recently, the shock correction of the US dollar has caused crude oil to stop falling and rebound; However, the medium and short-term downward trend of crude oil remains unchanged. Internationally, as the U.S. election is approaching, there is a demand for all parties to use the fall in oil prices to win over the people, and the speculative funds that push up oil prices are the consortium behind each candidate. Therefore, it can be determined that crude oil will return to the downward channel before November passes

Shanghai fuel oil will rise with the rebound of crude oil in the near future, and the medium and short-term trend will remain unchanged

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