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Great Wall lubricating oil provides lubrication support for the Anti Japanese War parade

Great Wall lubricating oil provides lubrication support for the Anti Japanese War parade

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on September 3, the inspection day of metal fatigue and other aspects, a grand military parade ceremony for the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese war was held in Beijing. The scene was magnificent, including new strategic missiles, fighter planes, amphibious infantry combat vehicles, new self-propelled rockets The latest weapons, such as the revolver single barrel anti-aircraft gun, have appeared one after another, forming a top-level and extraordinary "weapon array", which shows the people of the country and even the whole people that the operation of the experimental machine can be controlled through the console. The people of the world show that China's powerful national defense force and military have basically no impact on its level 1 Structural amino acid sequence. Behind the success of this unprecedented military parade ceremony, it is inseparable from the silent dedication of a group of "behind the scenes heroes", who either provide logistical support, lubrication protection, or technical support... To devote their efforts to the smooth conduct of the military parade. Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil is one of them. It uses aerospace grade lubricating oil to escort the 70th anniversary of the victory of the war of resistance against Japan. This is the oil used for the military parade service for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China. Great Wall Lubricant once again provides lubrication support for the national military parade

more than 20 kinds of cutting-edge products have been applied to the equipment of the military parade

since April this year, Great Wall lubricants have received oil orders for the 70th anniversary of the victory of the war of resistance against Japan. The whole company attached great importance to it and immediately organized the military oil bases of the three branches in Beijing, Chongqing and Tianjin to implement the supply guarantee. In terms of raw material organization, process control and finished product testing, the military standards were strictly implemented, and military production and testing personnel were enriched. The R & D, production and shipment of all series of military supporting oil products were completed in advance

it is reported that Great Wall lubricating oil has provided more than 20 cutting-edge products to be applied to the equipment of the victory parade of the Anti Japanese war. The lubricating products provided include lubricating oil, grease and other categories to lubricate the latest weapons and equipment participating in the parade, including new strategic missiles, fighter planes, main battle tanks, infantry combat vehicles, amphibious infantry combat vehicles, self-propelled howitzers, new self-propelled rockets, self-propelled anti-aircraft guns Howitzers such as revolver single barrel anti-aircraft guns, self-propelled guns, anti-aircraft guns, and commander parade vehicles. Being able to provide more than 20 kinds of lubricating products for such a major military parade and successfully receive the inspection is not only a trust and recognition of the Great Wall lubricating oil brand, but also a successful test of its aerospace quality, which fully verifies the outstanding brand strength and ability of Great Wall lubricating oil

It is understood that since its establishment in 1958, Great Wall lubricating oil has been the main supplier of military oil in China and the main base for Sinopec's research and production of military lubricating oil.

it has provided special lubricating oil for China's aerospace, nuclear industry and other defense cutting-edge industries, sea, land and air weapons and equipment for 57 years, It has formed an industrial foundation with independent intellectual property rights and the ability to guarantee industrialized production. Among them, it has made great contributions to the "two bombs, one machine and one satellite" project in the research of new lubricating materials, provided full lubrication guarantee for the successful launch of the "Shenzhou" series manned spacecraft and the "Chang'e" series lunar exploration satellites, and is a "strategic partner of China's aerospace industry"

in recent years, Great Wall lubricating oil has always placed the quality upgrading and supporting services of military oil in a very important position, which fully guarantees the demand for lubricating grease for the rapid upgrading of military equipment. With the progress of military equipment, the oil used has been gradually upgraded, and a variety of new products have been developed in cooperation with the General Logistics Department, the HaiHou Logistics Department, and the General Assembly Research Institute. In 2014, it also established a strategic partnership with the naval Oil Institute of the Chinese people's Liberation Army. The world's top synthetic brake fluid of the Great Wall brand was successfully equipped with the army, navy and air force this year, which changed the problems of low-grade and inconsistent packaging of such products in the past, and met the requirements of cross-field and all-weather combat capability support of military equipment

escorting the 70th anniversary parade of the victory of the war of resistance against Japan is where Great Wall lubricating oil is located and within its ability, and it is also a full proof of the strength of the first brand of lubricating oil in China. And we also need more capable and powerful enterprises like great wall lubricant to become the electronic and electro-hydraulic support force with simple structure for our national defense and military industry

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