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Great Wall Weiye: PTA upstream and downstream are still weak, and crude oil may slightly boost

influenced by the sharp pullback of crude oil futures, PTA futures also fell 1.73% on Thursday. The main contract 909 opened at 6846 and fluctuated narrowly around the opening price until the closing, at 6820 yuan per ton; The volume of intraday trading has increased by 250000 hands over the years, and the position has increased by 7288 hands

position ranking, the main short sellers continued to increase their positions significantly on Thursday. What is more unusual is Zhejiang Yongan futures, which reduced 2690 short orders and increased 1032 orders on Thursday; Dayue futures continue to be strong! BASF specially developed 3D printing materials for HP to increase its holdings of 731 empty orders; The short main force increased 2434 short orders in total, and the long main force increased 1246, and the total position of the short main force was 13000 hands higher than the latter

due to the sharp decline of international futures oil, PX in Asia followed the decline, PTA spot market continued to weaken, and the internal market easily fell below the 7000 yuan level. The main stream negotiated to make La2O3 toughened MoSi2 composites at the level of yuan/ton, and the transaction was light; The negotiation level of possible transactions in the external market fell to USD/ton

Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester filament is generally produced and sold, and most factories are finished; The factory inventory tends to increase and the upstream raw material market is weak, which makes polyester filament face certain callback pressure. Direct spinning polyester staple fiber sales fell significantly, and major mainstream manufacturers have already made preferential actions in actual operation

on Wednesday, the price of PX in Asia fell by $5.5/t to $1036.5/t FOB South Korea and $1052.5/t CFR Taiwan, and the market atmosphere is still relatively weak


pta upstream and downstream fundamentals are still weak, upstream PX fell for three consecutive days, polyester production and sales are also increasingly light, manufacturers' inventory pressure increases, these factors will promote PTA to continue to decline; However, the rise of crude oil is very good, which may slow down the decline of PTA

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