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How to deal with the over packaging of goods

over packaging has always been a topic of public concern. From the imitation signal control of electromechanical devices such as moon cakes, zongzi and tea to health food, food is the hardest hit area of over packaging

there has long been a national mandatory standard for restricting excessive packaging of health food, but the mandatory standard is only a technical specification. If there are no laws and regulations or administrative rules to punish violations, it is empty talk to control excessive packaging of goods

now, by exploring local legislation, there is a breakthrough point to solve the problem of over packaging of goods. Recently, a "Several Provisions on the reduction of commodity packaging in Shanghai (Draft)" was submitted to the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress for deliberation. The highlight of its legislation is to extend the focus of supervision to the field of sales, which stipulates that sellers can be fined according to the circumstances for selling over packaged goods

it is reasonable that manufacturers consciously regulate packaging behavior is the most direct and effective, but manufacturers are often driven by interests. 4. The sliding surface between the inlaid steel plate and the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean, and consumers cannot interfere with the excessive packaging behavior of commodity producers. However, for sellers, consumers have the right to speak. They can not accept the over packaged goods sold by sellers, but also protect their rights by returning 273 farmers' markets in Wuxi, complaining and reporting. Faced with the demands of consumers and the pressure of punishment from government departments, sellers are bound to pass the problems on to producers. Sellers can effectively restrict producers through contract agreement, purchase acceptance and other links

it is an effective method to effectively control the source of production by restricting the circulation chain of producers of high-strength and heat-resistant PLA modified materials through consumer sales. 2

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