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As a well-known domestic electrical appliance brand, Gree air conditioner must be understood by many friends. Recently, I read a post about the evaluation of the new Gree cloud Yueda 1.5-horse intelligent variable frequency kfr-35gw/nhlbb3w air conditioner. I planted this air conditioner in the back, and talked about the use evaluation. I hope it can be selected and compared by later friends

the use evaluation of Gree cloud kfr-35gw/nhlbb3w:

after the arrival of this Gree cloud larger 1.5 intelligent variable frequency kfr-35gw/nhlbb3w, I felt that the appearance and texture of haoxuebai were still good at first sight. When I bought an air conditioner on the Internet for the first time, I was afraid of poor quality and disorderly money for installation, but now I know that my worries are superfluous. First, the customer service is very patient to introduce the product to me, and then the installer's service is very good, The one hanging on the second floor of my house is particularly difficult to install, but the decorator is still very patient, and it also causes the deformation of the elastomer and changes the resistance value of the strain gauge pasted on it. There is no extra charge. It's really great. If you want to buy it, buy it quickly, worldwide! While it is not hot now

turn to the latest quotation comment details of JD Gree for the reference of friends who need it later

functional features:

1. Smart cloud dual control Gree app + tmall elf multiple intelligent temperature control to start scientific and technological life

2. Evaporator self-cleaning four steps deep cleaning to reduce the breeding of bacteria in the air conditioner

standards to strengthen the compliance and safety management of food contact materials from the perspective of supply chain 3 Intelligent photosensitive sensor automatically adjusts and adjusts according to the ambient light to create a comfortable sleeping environment

price: this air conditioner is currently promoted at tmall green Gree's official flagship store at ¥ 3599.00, and the price of tmall 50 yuan coupon is also ¥ 3599.00 in JD mall. Overall, wear resistance. In tmall 50 yuan coupon, it will be more valuable. Friends in need may wish to receive the coupon

detailed configuration parameters:

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