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How to horizontally register web gravure printing analysis

people who have been in contact with web gravure printing know that the horizontal shrinkage of the paper will be caused by the contact of ink (especially water-based ink) with the paper, which will cause the horizontal overprint inaccuracy. Solving the problem of horizontal overprint has become the focus and problem of web gravure printing. Based on the actual production experience of paper concave, the following is a simple analysis of the process parameters such as melt pressure and temperature, body temperature of each section, rotation speed of main screw and feeding screw, feeding volume and overprint accuracy, which will certainly open up a great market space for the development of new energy vehicles

1. The transverse shrinkage of the paper is related to the humidity of the paper itself. The different water content of the paper roll before printing will cause different shrinkage, resulting in inconsistent horizontal registration. The solution is to add a preheating oven to the printing machine before printing, and try to control the moisture content of the paper before printing

2. According to practical experience, shrinkage is reserved horizontally during plate making. Make the plate shrinkage consistent with the actual shrinkage of the paper

3. The transverse shrinkage of web paper from different manufacturers is often inconsistent. It is best to use the same manufacturer for the same set of plates

4. Different water content of ink will produce different shrinkage of paper. Therefore, the water content of the ink should be controlled to make the water content and viscosity of the front and rear ink consistent

5. Control the temperature of the drying oven. Different drying humidity of the drying oven will create moisture. The advantages of the recycled plastic granulator also make it possible to continue to develop. The profit space of the enterprise has been greatly reduced under different evaporation rates, resulting in different horizontal shrinkage rates. In actual operation, each printing drying oven should maintain the same drying temperature each time. The oven temperature can also be appropriately increased or reduced according to the actual horizontal overprint error

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