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How Indian tobacco packaging equipment manufacturing enterprises take off

Hyderabad is the headquarters of two tobacco equipment companies founded by two brothers. The two companies provide a complete set of solutions for cigarette production and packaging. Many multinational enterprises and cigarette manufacturers in local and other regions are very familiar with their names budhan Engineering Co., Ltd. and dynamic tools Co., Ltd

Nugopal, the founder and general manager of budhan engineering company, has rich experience in tobacco manufacturing and has worked in VST industries, a leading cigarette manufacturer in Hyderabad for 18 years. In 1982, venugopal left the company and established its own company budhan engineering company, focusing on designing and manufacturing innovative packaging technology and equipment for the cigarette industry

from the beginning, venugoweiner believed that pal had adopted the method of personal participation that he still continues to use. Carry out in the workshop after processing; He said: I have to draw more than 50000 design drawings by hand. Now, I have a computer-aided design department to handle all these work, but I like to participate in all kinds of work

it is understood that his machine is favored by many manufacturers in Asia and Europe. Venugopal proudly said: every cigarette produced in Bangladesh is packaged with our machine. Indeed, every factory in Bangladesh does use the packaging machinery and equipment designed, improved and manufactured in the spotless factory in budhan. Our production has reached the highest standard. Except for electrical components, every part of the machine is designed and manufactured in the factory

from parts to exports

budhan engineering company started from manufacturing spare parts, then assembling parts for equipment, and finally designed and assembled a complete set of machines with the brand name wrapex in 1994. The first 14 machines manufactured were purchased by VST industries. By 1996, the company was involved in the export market: the first machine was exported to Bangladesh, and then to the Middle East, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada and other countries

Budhan has the ability to provide specific design and manufacturing solutions for packaging and packaging applications in the cigarette industry, and has won an enviable reputation as the best supplier among many manufacturers around the world. Budhan has also done a lot of work with filtrana Indonesia in Surabaya, filtrana Thailand in Thailand, filtrana filter company in Britain and filtrana Richmond in the United States to provide equipment according to their specifications

no matter what the customer's requirements, it can be modified, enhanced and used as aluminum for body. It will usher in a period of rapid development and be designed into the delivered machine. Budhan machine can adapt to standard and non-standard production lines

venugopal said. My only interest is to provide customers with the best products. We will not send defective products out of the factory. Customer satisfaction is our best advertisement. As an engineer, I am committed to providing my customers with the best possible solutions. Doing so can bring me great satisfaction, which is the motivation for my son and me to work hard, constantly improve our service and develop the best possible solutions for our customers

vinaygopal said: our goal is to pursue high quantity, high quality and perfect performance. Customers should get value for money products, and we provide such products

development of power company

the venugopal family has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Venugopal encourages his brother ryaraj to use his experience in the industry to set up his own company. Therefore, power engineering company began to manufacture the most critical parts for the cigarette industry in 1991. In 1996, the name of the company was changed to power tools Co., Ltd. It began to manufacture the whole cigarette manufacturing line and has been more and more successful

all machines of the power company meet or exceed international standards, and high-quality technology and materials are used from beginning to end. All machines are made of high-quality materials provided by the power company by the corresponding professional companies according to its design and specific specifications. Then, a group of high-quality engineers and machinists assembled and installed the cast metal framework in the two spotless machine assembly workshops in the customized four story factory in Hyderabad

our equipment is very suitable for small and medium-sized cigarette manufacturers seeking reliable and stable equipment at a reasonable price, suliyeji said. These remarkable machines are unique in price, quality and performance in Asia or other markets. Our equipment is inexpensive, efficient and reliable. It provides a stable solution for small and medium-sized cigarette and clove cigarette manufacturers

the cigarette machine of power company can produce cigarettes of any length up to 97 mm, ranging from ultra-fine cigarettes with the smallest diameter (6.3mm) to cigarettes of 8.3 mm

the replaceable accessory kit takes weeks to assemble, suliyeji said. Technicians install and train operators on how to replace. It takes about days to replace the parts of the production line

packaging and accessories

the company also manufactures shell and sliding type packaging machines (packaging machines with double heads account for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy), which can pack 300 packs of 10 cigarettes and 200 packs or more of 20 cigarettes per minute, but any packaging machine can be connected with the cigarette machine if necessary

our machine is compatible with all standard and non-standard cigarette production lines, suliyeji pointed out. This equipment is integrated with the production line of the existing factory, and there are few failures. It usually takes about a week for our technicians to complete the installation and commissioning

the maintenance of cigarette machine and packaging machine of power company is simple. Follow the daily, weekly and quarterly maintenance items in the manufacturer's Guide to ensure the trouble free and stable operation of the equipment for many years

if the machine is operated and repaired according to the manufacturer's requirements, the loss of the cigarette factory will be reduced to 1% to 1.5%, suliyeji said

power company maintains all spare parts inventory in the corresponding countries where its equipment is sold. In case of critical problems that cannot be solved in the factory, the company's internal technicians will visit the factory to reverse this situation in a short time

suliyeji admitted that, like excellent design, manufacturing and customer service, taking care of their own employees is an indispensable part of business success. Therefore, the company takes pains to ensure that employees can concentrate on their work

in the staff restaurant, we provide free food to all more than 160 employees, he said. Our employees are very qualified, and we help them maintain their advantages. They carry out advanced training in the workshop to continuously improve their skills and advantages in the company. We also provide training to our customers' engineers to ensure trouble free operation and maintenance of the equipment

budhan and power represent the best Indian skills, innovation, production and manufacturing technology, and the best-selling of their equipment proves the strong strength of these two companies

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