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Great Wall lubricating oil: break barriers and realize the "domestic dream" of industrial robot lubrication

Great Wall lubricating oil: break barriers and realize the "domestic dream" of industrial robot lubrication

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in recent years, in the field of industrial production, the promotion and use of industrial robots has greatly improved the automation and intelligence level of industrial manufacturing, and has become a major thrust for Chinese manufacturing to the world. However, "high price" has always been the label of robots. Since its birth, industrial robots monopolized by foreign giants have basically been used exclusively by large enterprises. In recent years, small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to respond to the call of the state to use this "tall and high" product. However, after the replacement of machines, many enterprises "exclaimed" that they were subject to the technical barriers of parts and components, and the maintenance cost of equipment was "high pressure", especially the lubricants and greases that support the normal operation of robots had not been replaced for a long time, The ultra-high maintenance cost has seriously restricted the digestion and absorption of China's robot technology after its introduction and the localization into the granulator industry. 1 it is certain that the rapid development process can be expected by the general public at the same time

in order to better assist the "smart manufacturing" of China's industry, as the leader of China's lubricant industry, Sinopec Great Wall Lubricant, with the "technology + market" research and development mode, has provoked the backbone of domestic industrial robot lubrication technology, including 1 well preserved sample, closing door and shutdown. In order to reduce the cost required by Chinese enterprises to transform to intelligence and automation, it has spared no effort, relying on its tenacity, sharpened a sword in ten years, and successfully broke the international monopoly, And established China's first robot lubrication standard with independent intellectual property rights

overcome technical difficulties and lubricate the "Pearl" shining

industrial robots are known as "the Pearl at the top of the manufacturing crown". Thanks to the first mover advantage and technological precipitation, Japan and Germany are the world's leading industrial robots. Abb, KUKA, FANUC and Yaskawa, the "four families", are the world's major industrial robot suppliers, accounting for about 50% of the global market share. Japan has strong technical barriers in the research and development of key components of industrial robots (reducer, servo motor, etc.); German industrial robots have certain advantages in raw materials, body parts and system integration. At the same time, foreign enterprises, represented by the "four families" of global robots, have a total market share of more than 60% in China, and almost monopolize high-end fields such as robot manufacturing and welding

in recent years, in order to meet the needs of industrial transformation and promote the realization of intelligent manufacturing, China has put forward and emphasized the concepts of "industry 4.0" and "made in China 2025", and has continuously issued and issued a number of support policies and bonus subsidies, effectively promoting the rapid development of the domestic industrial robot industry. According to the data of China robot industry development report (2018), the scale of China's industrial robot market has reached US $6.23 billion in 2018, more than 70% of the total robot market scale; From 2013 to 2018, the average growth rate of domestic industrial robots was close to 30%, and the growth rate was particularly amazing

although China's robot manufacturing industry has made great progress, domestic parts have not shown sufficient advantages in terms of cost performance and quality. Especially in the "three core parts", international giants have high technical barriers, and the purchase of these parts accounts for more than 70% of the overall production cost. Among them, Japan has a monopoly of 85% in the global reducer Market, and the domestic high price purchase accounts for 45% of the total production cost. Its body and auxiliary materials are also almost monopolized. At the same time, the lubricating oil and grease that support the normal operation of robots have not been replaced for a long time, and the ultra-high maintenance cost has seriously restricted the digestion, absorption and localization process after the introduction of robot technology in China. Under the "encirclement and suppression" of foreign capital, in order to fill the gap in the field of industrial robot lubricating oil and grease in China, the axial tension applied in each experiment is 40MPa, 80MPa, 120MPa, 160MPa, 200MPa, 240mpa and 280mpa respectively. As the leader of China's lubricating oil industry, Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil dares to be the first, relying on Aerospace Science and technology and through the "technology + market" research and development mode, it breaks through the technical barriers in the field of robot lubrication, It took the lead in realizing the localization and replacement of lubricating materials for industrial robots

industrial robots are delicate and complex, and the requirements for lubrication management of various components are also improving. Among them, as one of the core components of the robot, ensuring the smooth operation of the reducer is the key to the normal work of the robot, which requires the lubricating grease to have good anti fretting wear performance and reduce equipment wear. Dr. Meng from the robot business department of Beijing Research Institute of Sinopec lubricating oil company said that in order to study and explore the lubrication technology of reducer, Great Wall lubricating oil carried out anatomical research on imported reducer in 2005. In the absence of any ready-made norms and guidelines on the domestic market, starting with the structural form of the reducer, after three years of independent technical research, and active cooperation with a number of domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions, we have continuously improved and optimized the formula, repeated experiments and practical applications, successfully developed a special oil widely used in industrial robot reducer, and officially launched on the market in 2017

Great Wall lubricating oil special oil for robot reducer Sinopec ro 150

and robot grease Spi-B, spi-e, spi-f, spi-w, blm-d

Dr. Meng said that thanks to the dual friction modifier synergy technology independently developed by Great Wall lubricating oil, the friction coefficient of great Wall lubricating oil can be maintained for a long time, reducing the fretting wear of gears and extending the service life of the oil. Taking the special oil for industrial robot reducer Sinopec ro150 as an example, the common robot lubricating oil can only provide effective lubrication for more than 5000 hours, while the design life of great wall products has reached 10000 hours. This oil has been applied to many domestic enterprises, and the user feedback is good. In addition, Great Wall lubricating oil also 4. Overview of lithium battery production and utilization, which has overcome the problem of joint oil leakage that often occurs in the work of industrial robots, and the problem of seal corrosion has also been solved. While extending the oil change cycle, it also avoids the shutdown and maintenance caused by oil leakage

at present, the supporting lubrication products for industrial robots independently developed by great wall have been well applied in automotive manufacturing and other fields, and have entered dozens of robot manufacturers at home and abroad. They have closely communicated with abb and KUKA in the "four families" of robots, as well as domestic leading green, Xinsong and other well-known enterprises. Product application tests have been carried out in the production lines of DPCA, Jaguar Land Rover A palletizing production line and other production lines in Guangdong have been successful, which verifies that they are comparable to the international excellent performance and quality

it is worth mentioning that in terms of lubricating grease, Great Wall lubricating oil creatively improved and optimized the special grease for aerospace harmonic reducer, developed the special grease for robot harmonic reducer, realized the civil application of Aerospace Science and technology, and filled the gap in the field of robot lubrication in China. In particular, it solves the problem of additive compatibility of lubricating grease, finds a balance point for the fluidity and bearing capacity of lubricating grease, and at the same time, relying on the leading process technology, homogenizes the product to ensure the stability of lubrication effect

service is more "grounded", and value for money plays a "big benefit"

as an enterprise that can not only provide lubricating oil for robots, but also provide lubricating grease for robots, Great Wall lubricating oil provides comprehensive localization services for Chinese industrial "intelligent manufacturing", helping Chinese manufacturing seize advantages in operation efficiency, maintenance cost, service life, safety and environmental protection. And the blessing of localized services has also made great wall industrial robot lubricants gain a high reputation among users. Dr Meng said, "From the perspective of oil maintenance cost, each industrial robot of foreign brands needs a 1:1 cost for oil purchase and manual service in oil maintenance, which is about 80-10000 yuan. Using Great Wall lubricating oil for localization replacement can save% of the actual cost of an ordinary industrial robot a year under a 60-10000 hour oil change cycle. We have five major technical support centers and four research institutes across the country, which can be recognized at the first time In addition to responding to user needs, localized lubrication services are faster, more efficient, higher quality, and better value for money. "

at present, in China, large enterprises are mainly doing the replacement of manual production lines with robots, but the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises in China's industrial manufacturing field, and their intelligent transformation is still in its infancy, so the overall coverage is not very ideal. Compared with large enterprises, which have more experience in the use of industrial robots and more standardized management, small and medium-sized enterprises use fewer robots, and most of them are small brands, lacking awareness and professional knowledge of robot lubrication management. In this regard, great wall uses the "technology + market" mode to send professional technicians to the front line to "go to the market" with customers, understand their needs, and bring comprehensive lubrication management training to front-line users

"many small and medium-sized enterprises themselves have insufficient understanding of industrial robot technology and little knowledge of the selection and replacement of lubricants. On the one hand, they face the pressure of high maintenance costs, and on the other hand, they dare not easily replace the oils recommended in the equipment certification manual." Dr. Meng pointed out, "after several years of testing and monitoring, our product technology and quality parameters have reached the international advanced level, but have been blocked out of the market because of monopoly." In this regard, Great Wall lubricating oil takes the technical strength as the commitment, takes the test data as the testimony, uses "small lubrication" to give play to "great benefits", and has won the trust of more users by virtue of leading technology, excellent quality and high-quality service

in addition, great wall also provides real-time oil monitoring services. In addition to industrial robot lubrication, it can also provide an overall lubrication solution for its linkage device to help customers solve the problems of existing production lines or realize the lubrication needs of new production lines. This also makes great wall lubricant not only break the technological monopoly of foreign giants in the field of industrial robot auxiliary materials, greatly flatten the price of robot daily maintenance, but also give enterprises more confidence in choosing "domestic products"

"a single spark can start a prairie fire". Industry experts pointed out that the strategy of subdividing and supporting field layout may be the best choice for China's industrial robot field to break through the shackles, build a robot industry chain co prosperity ecosystem, and realize the complementary advantages and common development of upstream and downstream industrial chains such as core component manufacturers, ontology manufacturers, system integrators, auxiliary material suppliers, etc. is the only way for domestic substitution. With the innovative gene of "not admitting defeat", Great Wall lubricating oil has taken on the mission of "national brand", and its technology has matured in the process of perfecting the formula one by one. Now, as the leader of China's robot grease industry, Great Wall lubricating oil has established China's first special lubricating product platform for robot reducer with independent intellectual property rights, which has changed the current situation that there is no current standard in China's industrial robot precision reducer industry, It is of great significance to promote the transformation of China's robot industry chain from technology introduction to independent innovation. In July this year, Great Wall lubricants will make a brilliant debut at the 8th International Robot Exhibition to comprehensively enhance the initiative and voice of China's industrial "smart manufacturing" with the power of lubrication

it is also expected that under the guidance of Great Wall lubricants, more Chinese lubricant brands will actively participate in "made in China 2025"

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