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Great wall, great great wall lubricant

Great Wall, great great wall lubricant

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when top traffic stars encounter the world's top ten cultural heritages across the long river of history, how wonderful and shocking will it bring us? At the beginning of 2020, the variety show "Great Wall", which had no publicity before its launch, exploded in the variety industry. After its debut, it not only won the first place in the variety audience rating, but also increased its score from 8.8 points to 9.0 points. Coincidentally, Sinopec Great Wall lubricants gave its first cross-border entertainment marketing for the great great wall. The cross-border cooperation between the two "Great Wall" IPS created different fireworks

in the program, Great Wall lubricating oil helped the movie emperor Liu Ye, "idol drama king" Ruan Jingtian, "Koi girl" Yang Chaoyue, "new idol singer" Huang Minghao, "sound of nature" Zhou Shen, "genius host" Shen Nan, "expressionist" Yang Di and other "bricklayers" to overcome the challenge in a special way, helping star celebrities set foot on more than 10 ancient Great Wall sites such as Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Jinshanling, Discover the hidden stories behind them. During the broadcast of the program, the official media platform of Great Wall lubricating oil also carried out many online activities, interacted closely with fans, and cheered for the "Great Great Wall" together, which received widespread praise

the Great Wall guards national security, and the Great Wall Lubricant guards the country's important weapon

the Great Wall is a military defense project in ancient China. It is a tall, solid and continuous placanticline, which is used to limit the action of the enemy. With 5000 years of Chinese civilization, the name of "Great Wall" is the Chinese IP that countless Chinese people are proud of, and it carries the consulting manufacturer Jinan trial money). Qin Emperor Hanwu relied on the Great Wall to resist foreign enemies and defend the country. As the super IP of China's lubricant industry, great wall lubricant is also a great industry leader and an important tool to protect the country. From long march series launch vehicles to high-speed railway "Fuxing", from Chang'e series satellites, if there is no curve coordinate, double-click the result display column; Star, to the polar scientific research ship "Snow Dragon", Great Wall lubricating oil has always adhered to the spirit of self-improvement of the Great Wall, and has become the hidden force behind the "great power and heavy equipment" with its strong technological research and development strength

whether it's inheriting classics, revitalizing cross-border marketing, or leading the trend with scientific and technological innovation, we can see that Chinese brands and Chinese forces are "gathering" and becoming a new "red" loved by consumers. At the same time, with the return of the public to Chinese traditional culture, which makes them pay more attention to the excavation and promotion of the value of traditional culture, domestic brands have been more and more admired by young people. This time, we choose to join hands with the Great Wall. Great Wall lubricants not only focuses on the high agreement between the two IP, but also the historical mission of the program to spread Chinese traditional culture and support the export of Chinese culture. Just as the "Great Wall" will participate in Cannes and spread the Great Wall culture to the world, Great Wall lubricants has been showing the world "made in China" with high-quality lubricating products and services. With the promotion of the "the Belt and Road" cooperation, Great Wall lubricants has been widely working with the head forces of Chinese brands such as Sany Heavy Industry, China shipping and Huawei to be active on the maritime Silk Road in the new era and interpret the great "Great Wall" with practical actions

great Chinese wisdom, great great wall lubricant

for 60 years, great wall lubricant has not stopped working with China Aerospace. The latest scientific and technological achievements will benefit people's livelihood by commercializing Aerospace lubricant technology. At present, Great Wall lubricating oil has realized the application of 21 categories of more than 2000 products in the fields of automobile, metallurgy, textile printing and dyeing, electrical instruments, machinery manufacturing, compressors and freezers, building materials, etc. with the great "Chinese wisdom" and "Chinese plan", it has become an indispensable lubricating force flowing in modern economic life, and has also made China's lubricating oil stand side by side with the world's first-class

industry experts said that if Chinese brands want to truly stand out from a large number of foreign brands, they should not only cultivate their internal skills, timely insight into user needs and market trends, but also carry out high-tech product R & D and innovation; We should also practice more external skills, pay more attention to the inheritance of culture and spirit, use multiple channels, cooperate with well-known IP or brand cross-border marketing, tell brand-new brand stories, and refresh the inherent impression of end consumers on the brand, which is also an important driving force for the transformation and development of traditional lubricating oil brands. As a well-known lubricating oil brand, Great Wall lubricating oil is familiar with users' requirements, casts classics with strength, and seeks to change the future with innovation. When "brand Great Wall" meets "Cultural Great Wall", Great Wall lubricating oil, whose maximum cooling temperature of liquid nitrogen can reach ⑴ 96 ℃ and is licensed according to the routine, successfully realizes the effective connection with young circles, makes brands and products "trendy", and combines with modern technological forces, The super high popularity and popularity not only shows the cultural heritage and quality strength of the industry's big names, but also brings new enlightenment to how domestic lubricants can break through the encirclement and suppression of international brands

"walk 40000 miles of the great wall of China and learn 5000 years of Chinese culture." This is the slogan of the Great Wall, which also fully summarizes the intention and form of the program. "Japanese fixture walking" and "learning" are two key words. We also look forward to taking Great Wall lubricating oil as the guide. Chinese lubricating oil industry brands will always keep up with the pace of the times, learn while walking, further stimulate brand vitality and creativity, constantly refresh the new definition of "domestic lubricating oil", and make "high technology" and "high quality" the exclusive labels of Chinese lubricating oil products, and become the best standard for users to choose and trust

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