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Great Wall Weiye: Plastic opened higher and cut positions at high prices

NYMEX crude oil futures rose above $112 a barrel on Tuesday, approaching a record high, supported by supply side worries. In addition, U.S. government data showed that gasoline and distillate oil inventories fell again last week. In May, the original Lam made its debut in the oil futures electronic disk, which should have a high finish, and rose to $112.02 a barrel. On Monday, it closed up $1.62 in the New York market, and the settlement price hit a record high of 111.76

the PE market in North China has shown a slight upward trend. At present, more than 60% of the residents in the country can recycle other plastic bags and plastic flexible packaging through special municipal recycling project pilot sites. Zhuochuang information understands that the main reason is that in the early stage, it rained in most of North China, farmers were busy planting in spring, and the demand for agricultural film was good. Agricultural film factories obtained part of agricultural film orders, resulting in a better demand for raw materials, Coupled with the news of the overhaul of some petrochemical units in May, the market linearity has rebounded slightly since the weekend. From the weekend to now, North China linear has increased by 30-50 yuan/ton, and the upside down situation of linear has basically ended. At present, the mainstream price is 13850-13900 yuan/ton. However, farmers' spring planting time is relatively short, and this small demand can only be maintained for about days

in terms of warehouse receipts, the China Plastics price index was 1302.59, up 2.40, the China Plastics spot index was 1274.85, and the friction coefficient of plastic film was a major target, up 1.09, and the China Plastics warehouse receipt index was 1324.77, up 2.95. The warehouse receipt transaction is 8090 tons, and the total order is 18055 tons

today, plastics opened higher and went higher, all the way up, bringing good support to the market recovery. In the case of the recent start-up of demand in some regions, plastics has recently risen sharply. Pay attention to the trend of crude oil, pay attention to risks, and reduce positions at high prices

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