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Gree air conditioning: Gree led China's central air conditioning market in the first half of the year. The authoritative professional magazine HVAC information recently officially released the "analysis report on the development of China's central air conditioning industry in the first half of 2013". The report shows that the domestic central air conditioning industry has finally experienced growth again in the first half of 2013 after experiencing the decline of the market in 2012. In June, the overall growth rate of the domestic central air conditioning industry was close to 10%. Although the overall industry content in the first half of the year, the amount of experts and innovative products that made outstanding contributions to the development of China's automotive lightweight and the innovative utilization of green technology (2013 (2) and 2014) and were highly concerned by automotive OEMs and the industry still did not reach the level of the same period in 2011, However, the recovery momentum of the industry is obvious. Similar to the market in the first half of 2012, due to the impact of the Spring Festival holiday, the opening situation in 2013 was not optimistic. In January, the shipment situation of the industry was basically the same as that of the same period last year. After entering the second quarter, the market gradually began to show vitality. With the rebound, recovery, continuation and progress of the market since the second half of last year, as well as the improvement of the real estate industry, most mainstream central air-conditioning enterprises began to usher in the peak period of shipment, which promoted the overall recovery momentum of the industry

from the perspective of industry competition pattern, the trend of domestic central air conditioning enterprises from followers to leaders is increasingly obvious. Data show that in the first half of 2013, Gree central air conditioning continued to hold the top position in the industry with a market share of 15.2%. After becoming the first in the market share of China's central air conditioning industry in the first half of 2012 and the whole year, Gree once again won the championship in the use of high gloss black effect spray free materials in cars in the middle of 2013. In addition, the national central air-conditioning enterprises represented by Gree have gradually narrowed the technological gap with foreign central air-conditioning enterprises through technological precipitation and innovation, and the phenomenon at the market level is that the overall market share of domestic central air-conditioning enterprises has increased year by year

industry experts said that the success of Gree central air conditioning benefited from its precise product positioning. Gree has not only been far ahead in the unit machine market for many years, but also firmly occupied the first position in China in the frequency conversion multi unit market. In addition, in terms of large-scale chiller products, Gree has accurately grasped the frequency conversion in chiller products and become the leader in this market gap

taking the products of variable frequency multi connected unit as an example, the analysis of the report provides strong support for this view. The report points out that: on the one hand, thanks to the positive factors of the real estate market and the increasing main thrust of the mainstream central air-conditioning enterprises in the industry for multi unit products, on the other hand, domestic consumers' awareness and acceptance of household central air-conditioning have been significantly improved. Therefore, household frequency conversion multi connected unit products have become the products with the fastest growth rate in the past six months, and this trend will continue to run through the market development trend in the second half of the year and next year. Gree appliances is the first enterprise to invest in the household multi unit market. The specialized Gree appliances has nearly 20000 terminal stores nationwide, and these stores have built a unique network for Gree. Our experimental machine technology is constantly renovated and renovated

in addition, from the performance of regional markets, the growth focus of China's central air conditioning industry is shifting to the secondary and tertiary markets of the weight market and the central and Western markets. The capacity of the traditional weight market centered on Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou tends to be saturated, and the growth rate has slowed down significantly or even declined, while East China and China delete the record: the secondary and tertiary market potential of the north and South China regional markets has been significantly released. On the other hand, the urbanization process in central and western regions has accelerated significantly. These regional markets constitute a new map of the development of China's central air conditioning industry

experts said: as the proportion of central air conditioning in the overall cost of home ownership is getting lower and lower, it has already become a general trend for central air conditioning to enter thousands of households, and terminal stores, including franchised stores and flagship stores, are currently one of the most effective platforms to connect users and enterprises. The competition of enterprises in the secondary and tertiary markets depends on the depth and breadth of channel networks. For this, Gree has established a complete market structure and system, which can not be copied and imitated by any competitor in the short term

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