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Great Wall lubricating oil quality "big review": six-month 60000 km driving test

Great Wall lubricating oil quality "big review": six-month 60000 km driving test

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recently, Great Wall lubricating oil and Dongfeng Nissan launched a "six-month 60000 km" driving test activity. It plans to drive 60000 km in six months to carry out driving measurement of three categories of products, namely, Great Wall lubricating oil, gasoline engine oil, antifreeze and transmission oil, It provides strong experimental data support for great wall products to enter more automotive OEMs, and it is also a "big review" of the top quality of lubricating oil after the completion of Great Wall's experiment in Beihai

as a trusted enterprise, Great Wall lubricating oil has adhered to the strategy of leading technology and quality since its establishment, focusing on the research and development and production of lubricating oil products with industry-leading quality. Over the years, it has performed well in various rigorous professional tests organized by itself, customers and the industry, and its quality performance has reached 100%, and some data are even higher than the highest standards in the industry, so it has won an excellent reputation for quality, It is highly praised by all kinds of customers. In the "60000 kilometers in six months" driving test launched in October, the good quality of Great Wall lubricating oil has been strongly proved again and again

it is reported that the first round test of "60000 kilometers in six months" has been successfully completed. According to the experimental data, the three categories of Great Wall lubricating oil products have shown high quality in the whole first round test, providing a stable guarantee for the efficient operation of the vehicle in the whole test. In the first round of experiments, the three types of products of Great Wall lubricating oil have traveled 13013 kilometers through 13 cities with the fleet taking 13 days. Behind a series of data, it is a powerful proof of the excellent quality of Great Wall lubricating oil. Master Zhang, who participated in the driving test, said in an interview, "the quality of great wall products throughout the trip is both gratifying and reassuring. For example, Great Wall antifreeze, in the face of the cold and low temperature weather at high altitude in the northwest, is very stable, without any abnormal reactions, and the color has not changed."

as a star product of gasoline engine oil under great wall lubricant, JINJIXING has always been in the tensile testing machine. The servo oil of advanced oil pump Electromechanical group and imported servo valve is sourced from the industry-leading level, which is comparable to international brands such as shell Heineken, Mobil 1, Castrol magnetic protection, etc. In the driving experiment of "60000 kilometers in six months", JINJIXING once again refreshed its strong quality to consumers, and achieved excellence in providing power, saving fuel and reducing carbon deposition. In addition, it shows the demand of the automotive industry for various materials and process markets. A master Quan who participated in the driving experiment was deeply touched by this. He said, "after changing the Great Wall JINJIXING, he felt that the noise of the engine was significantly reduced. Moreover, when he ran more than 100 kilometers from Golmud to the Qinghai Tibet line and reached the Kunlun Pass at an altitude of more than 4700 meters, he felt that the sound of the engine was still normal and the car was very light."

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the strong quality strength will inevitably bring the popularity of the market and the trust of customers, as is the case with great wall JINJIXING. With its rising quality strength, Great Wall JINJIXING has become the original supporting oil of domestic and foreign mainstream car companies, including Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota, general motors and other world-renowned car companies. Before becoming an automobile manufacturer, the quality of great wall JINJIXING has been strictly tested again and again, which needs to be verified by many physical and chemical tests, simulation experiments, bench tests, driving tests and other professional standards. Step by step, it shows not only the quality of great wall JINJIXING, but also the extraordinary ability to become the original supporting oil. Taking the ongoing "60000 kilometers in six months" driving test as an example, Great Wall JINJIXING has withstood the severe test of 60000 kilometers in a short period of six months, which is a great testimony to the extraordinary

at present, the driving experiment of "60000 kilometers in six months" is in full swing. I believe that with the further development of the experiment, there will be greater praise for the quality of Great Wall lubricating oil, and the extraordinary status of the original oil distribution of Great Wall lubricating oil will be more popular

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