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The "quality concept" of Great Wall lubricating oil helps the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry

the "quality concept" of Great Wall lubricating oil helps the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry

W (1) the increase of environmental experiments (high and low temperature experiments)

with the release of the strategic plan "made in China 2025" by the State Council, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry has ushered in a new opportunity for historical development; At the same time, the plan clearly lists "strengthening quality brand construction" as one of the core strategic tasks. The whole chain of high-end equipment manufacturing industry follows the "barrel principle", and the lack of quality in any link will restrict the development of the whole high-end equipment manufacturing industry. From this point of view, quality can be said to be the key force related to the healthy and orderly development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry

as the first brand in China's lubricant industry, Sinopec Great Wall lubricant has long been known as "the blood flowing in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry". From high-speed rail to super large ocean going freighters, from super large mechanical equipment to aerospace and high-end equipment of national defense technology, it provides silent lubrication and invisible support for Chinese manufacturing. As the "blood", Great Wall lubricating oil can be said to be an important part of the soft power of high-end equipment manufacturing industry. The improvement of its own quality must be related to the improvement of the whole high-end equipment manufacturing industry. It can even be said to support the high-end equipment system to a great extent. Mongolia will exclude it from the following three aspects, while Hai JUNBA, chairman of the China Youth Entrepreneurs Association, emphasized the development of manufacturing industry

it is understood that quality management has always been the top priority of Great Wall lubricating oil. In the production process of many years, Great Wall lubricating oil has always adhered to the quality concept of "quality is always one step ahead" and "no sacrifice of quality at any time for short-term economic benefits". By strictly controlling the indicators of various links such as stable raw material guarantee, rigorous process control, rigorous analysis and testing, and perfect quality system guarantee, we can promote scientific research in advance and ensure that the "aerospace quality" is 100% true; In addition, different forms of quality improvement activities are carried out every year to form a two-way driving force of software and hardware to promote the continuous upgrading of quality

throughout the various quality improvement measures of Great Wall lubricants, the "quality month" activity held every September since 2010 has become one of the most effective ways. It is reported that the theme of this year's "quality month" is "a total investment of 500million yuan, high quality and quantity to meet customer satisfaction", "taking customers as the core, meeting customer needs and improving service quality". During this quality month, Great Wall lubricating oil carried out activities to improve product quality, service quality and management quality from many aspects, comprehensively improved service awareness, from organization improvement to normative product inspection, from quality management training to technical personnel service assessment, all of which reflected the determination of Great Wall lubricating oil to continuously deepen quality construction, promote quality upgrading, and implement normalization of quality management

the person in charge of quality work of Great Wall lubricating oil company said: "Chinese enterprises should not only export goods to the world, but also export technology and brand. Quality is the cornerstone of brand. Without quality, there will be no brand". Over the years, the persistence and excellence in excellent quality has become a solid foundation for great wall lubricant to move from the first domestic lubricant brand to the international top brand, making its products recognized by the industry, enterprises and consumers in the strong global competition. At present, Great Wall Lubricants' business has developed rapidly worldwide, and has successively set up representative offices in the Middle East, South America, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Its business covers more than 50 countries and regions around the world, providing high-quality products and services for automotive, machinery, electric power, metallurgy, mining, construction, shipping and other industries

with the two-way favorable economic situation and policy environment, more and more domestic brands in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing with "quality first" actively participate in the global competition. The success of Great Wall lubricants is an epitome of these representatives of "Chinese quality" in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing emerging on the world stage, reflecting that "Chinese quality" represented by Great Wall lubricants is gradually moving towards the world, It promotes the development of the whole high-end equipment manufacturing industry. With the "made in China 2025" plan to "strengthen quality brand building" as the core strategy, it has created a good policy environment for "Chinese quality" in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, which is expected to bring "Chinese quality" in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing to bloom all over the world

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