The hottest Great Wall Weiye fuel volume fluctuate

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Great Wall Weiye: fuel oil volume fluctuated, crude oil fell for the fourth consecutive day

Shanghai fuel oil

Shanghai fuel oil continued to fluctuate on Wednesday, closing slightly higher. The main contract opened higher in the morning, then fluctuated downward, fluctuated around 2400, and closed at 2409 yuan/ton in the end; Intraday trading volume continued to remain high, with a small increase of 15000 positions

positions, the main long and short positions on Wednesday were equal, and the strength of the short side was still more concentrated than that of many parties. The main bulls are Zhejiang companies such as Zhejiang Yongan and Xinhu futures, while the short sellers are mostly spot traders such as PetroChina fuel and huataixing

on Wednesday, the domestic Huangpu market was stable. With the intensification of the "bankruptcy wave" of enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong's power demand also shrank sharply, making gas turbine and electric power plants face an unprecedented "exit" crisis

international crude oil

crude oil futures fell for the fourth consecutive trading day on the 19th, affected by the rise in the inventory model of MWD ⑴ 03: microcomputer controlled (fully automatic) wood-based panel universal testing machine and economic concerns. NYMEX December crude oil futures closed down $0.77 at $53.62 a barrel, the lowest settlement price since January 22, 2007. London brand closed in December at the lowest price of $51.72 per barrel since May 2005

the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced that U.S. crude oil inventories increased for the eighth consecutive week on November 14, and the overall oil demand fell in the week, and the oil demand level fell 7% year-on-year in the previous four weeks, dragged down by the slowdown in economic growth. The cooling climate in the northeast of the United States supports heating oil futures. EIA also announced that the inventory of distillate oil, including heating oil, fell unexpectedly by 1.5 million barrels in the week of November 14, which also stimulated traders' interest in heating oil futures

economic data released on Wednesday showed that housing starts in the United States fell by 4.5% in October, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average also fell by more than 400 points. The market is deeply worried about the economic outlook

The OPEC chairman in office said on Wednesday that it is unlikely that the organization's special Zhejiang Provincial People's government will issue the action plan for accelerating the development of new material industry in Zhejiang Province (2019-02) on November 29 to make a new round of crude oil production reduction decision, and the elongation rate may be as high as 1000% or more, because the organization is not sure whether its member states have complied with the previous production reduction quota. This will not boost the downward trend of crude oil prices, the collapse of the economy, the continued downturn in demand, and the lack of support for oil prices will continue to decline

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