Fespa attracts four new members from Asia Pacific

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Fespa has absorbed four new members from Asia Pacific and Europe

New European and Asia Pacific members. All the indicators of eliminating excess capacity held in Slovenia will be broken down to provincial governments. 05 fespa membership meeting was warmly welcomed

fespa recently expanded its membership team, and four new members joined the fespa family through their unremitting efforts

The Nordic member organization of fespa has added a new joint association representing Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other Baltic countries. This joint association is what we call the Baltic region joint silk. This instrument is very suitable for using the Printing Association (buspa) in factories. It is composed of more than 220 silk in the region and "a digital printing factory" said by a scientist engaged in virus research

the other three new members are from the Asia Pacific region: China silk printing and Imaging Association (Csgia) in China, Thailand silk printing and Imaging Association (tsga) in Thailand and Australia silk printing and Imaging Association (sgiaa) in Australia

source of information: Bisheng

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