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Fengyang Huazhong glass project with an investment of US $100 million was officially put into operation. On May 6, Fengyang Huazhong Glass Co., Ltd., which was jointly invested by Taiwan International Huaxia Glass Group Company and Toyo Glass Corporation of Japan, held a grand opening ceremony. Hanxiancong, Secretary of Chuzhou municipal Party committee, hexiyong, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, Secretary General of the municipal Party committee and Secretary of the municipal political and legal committee, Wang Tuqiang, vice mayor, and leaders of several teams in Fengyang County attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon. Nearly 100 foreign chambers of Commerce from Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Arab countries and other countries gathered in Fengyang to celebrate the opening ceremony of Chongqing zhufengyang Huazhong Glass Co., Ltd. at the wh frequency FH

Fengyang Huazhong Glass Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise jointly invested by Taiwan Huaxia International Co., Ltd. and Japan Toyo Glass Co., Ltd., which mainly produces special glass, high-quality glass products, high-grade sodium silicate products and other products. The total investment of the project is US $100million. The company covers an area of 700 mu. Two kilns are put into operation in the first phase. It is estimated that seven kilns will be put into operation with an annual production capacity of 200000 tons. The company signed a letter of intent for investment with our county in June 2006, settled in Fengyang Industrial Park on September 28 of the same year and broke ground. On February 17, 2007, the company signed a joint venture agreement with Toyo Glass Co., Ltd. After more than two years of intense and orderly construction, the company ignited the No. 1 kiln on March 12, 2008, and the No. 2 kiln on April 14, 2008. The opening ceremony was held on May 6, indicating that the company also led the production line to be officially put into production

it is reported that Fengyang Huazhong Glass Co., Ltd. will spend a lot of money to introduce 16 production lines with advanced technology and equipment from the United States, Germany and Japan, equipped with fully computer-controlled automatic batching rooms. CIM integrated computer detection device will be used for the subsequent inspection of the production line "Digital marketing has changed our way of life, and will maintain the leading level in the same industry in terms of production scale, technical equipment, product quality, export foreign exchange earning, enterprise management, etc.

at the opening ceremony, entrusted by Secretary Han Xiancong, Vice Mayor Wang Tuqiang delivered a passionate speech. Taiwan Huaxia company and Japan Toyo company's investment in the glass industry in Fengyang will drive the glass industry project in Fengyang, although it has some equipment The development and extension of the product specifications hope that Fengyang County will further emancipate the mind, improve the service quality, create a good environment for the development of enterprises in Fengyang, expand and strengthen the glass industry, establish the brand of Fengyang glass products at home and abroad, promote the industrialization process of Fengyang County, and stimulate the development of Fengyang county economy

after the opening ceremony, the participating leaders and nearly 100 businessmen visited the plant and production line of Fengyang Huazhong Glass Co., Ltd. and the cultural and tourist attractions in the west of Fengyang County

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