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A brief analysis of the strong development momentum of green printing in the new era

the printing industry in Germany, the United States, Japan and Hong Kong, the world's four major printing centers, is booming, especially in the most economically developed cities and regions, where printing enterprises are dense, helping social and economic progress. Especially in the contemporary era, green printing enterprises led by high-tech have played an indispensable role on the stage of the metropolis with the advantages of low energy consumption and environmental protection production. The characteristics of sustainable development make it an urban industry that survives smoothly in the metropolis and is closely related to regional economic activities

as the economic center of the world, the output value of the printing industry in the United States was 168.83 billion US dollars in 2003, about 1/4 of the global printing industry. According to the survey of New York published by printing news, in 2005, the number of printing enterprises in New York City was 1649, accounting for 53% of the total number of printing enterprises in New York State (3131), and the output value also accounted for 47% of the state's printing industry

in Germany, Bavaria in the southeast is an important town for commercial printing and publishing in Germany. Munich, the capital of the state, has become the publishing capital of Europe under a good economic environment. At present, there are about 3000 commercial printing enterprises and about 1000 book and newspaper printing enterprises in the state, printing 270 kinds of newspapers and 1700 kinds of magazines. The printing industry is divided from 4. From the experimental intention: tension experiment, pressure experiment, zigzag experiment, shear experiment, 90 ° peel experiment, 180 ° peel experiment, deflection experiment, change experiment, fatigue experiment, tear experiment, stiffness experiment, ring stiffness experiment, static stiffness experiment, technical experiment, bursting experiment, puncture experiment, cycle experiment, safety experiment, durability experiment, high temperature experiment, low temperature experiment, high and low temperature experiment Protective test, restrictive test, impact test, ball drop test, hardness test, bonding strength test, bolt tensile test, joint tensile test, sealing strength test, gluing strength test, etc; The number of employees is about 40000 and the output value is about 5.1 billion euros

China's rapid economic take-off, driven by the loss of moisture printing industry in Hong Kong, has rapidly developed the mainland printing industry, and has rapidly formed China's three major printing centers, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai rim, all of which are centered on China's most economically developed or rapidly developing cities. The reporter learned from the "guide to the development of new materials industry" that the phenomenon of synchronization between the printing industry and the regional economy is becoming more and more obvious

obviously, the printing industry is becoming more and more important in the economy. Therefore, it is also decided that the countries and regions that can be reached by adopting the one arm method will develop better. In international metropolises with high requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection, the printing industry not only does not cause environmental pollution, but also develops together with the market economy. Green printing has a strong development momentum in the United States, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and other regions. In fact, while the printing industry is driven by the market economy, the progress of the regional economy is also inseparable from the support of the printing industry, which needs to cooperate with a series of economic activities. At the drupa2008 exhibition that just ended, printing equipment manufacturers and material suppliers all over the world highlighted the theme of energy conservation and environmental protection, leading the world to promote the development of green printing. In the 21st century, which advocates energy conservation and environmental protection, green printing in the new era will conform to the trend of economic development and effectively assist the continuous growth of the market economy

the new era of high-tech green printing brings people not only a healthy living environment, but also the convenience and colorful life brought by printing. Driven by high and new technology, the economy continues to flourish, and the application of green printing will be more in-depth and extensive. A healthy and environmentally friendly color new world is at hand

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